While Uganda is a leader in policy development with an established record of developing policies that are used as best practices in Africa, Andrea M. Brown's critical examination of its proposed National Urban Policy suggests that it is unlikely to either respond directly to urban food insecurity or substantively reflect the multidimensional needs of the country’s urban poor, particularly women. The brief further acknowledges that an additional focus on food security would facilitate a needed response to urban poverty, directing attention to the most marginalized and insecure populations.

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The CIGI-Africa Initiative Policy Brief Series presents analysis and commentary emerging from field-based research on issues critical to the continent. Findings and recommendations in this peer-reviewed series aim to inform policy making and to contribute to the overall African research enterprise.
  • Andrea M. Brown is associate professor in the Political Science Department at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her current research explores the links between urban food security and social policy in Uganda and Tanzania.