CIGI’s Board of Directors provides oversight and governance of the organization’s financial stability, executive leadership and overall strategy. It includes global policy experts who provide intellectual guidance to CIGI on the broad scope of its research activities. The board consists of a chair, a treasurer and other directors, one of whom is designated by the Government of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and International Development.

CIGI’s senior management implements the organization’s strategic plan and directs all aspects of its research program and operational activities.

Board Members

Co-Founder and Former President of Wealhouse Partners, and Treasurer of the CIGI Board of Directors

Scott Burk is a chartered financial analyst and the co-founder and former president of Wealhouse Capital Management, a Toronto-based investment management firm. He has been a member of CIGI’s Board of Directors since 2007 and serves as the treasurer.

Managing Director, Economic Research Forum

Ahmed Galal joined CIGI’s former International Board of Governors in 2003, and now serves on CIGI’s Board of Directors. Currently, he is managing director of the Economic Research Forum. Ahmed served as Egypt’s finance minister between July 2013 and March 2014. 

Latest Activity
Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy, Global Affairs Canada

Elissa Golberg is a member of CIGI’s Board of Directors and the assistant deputy minister for Strategic Policy at Global Affairs Canada. She is also currently the department’s champion for innovation and experimentation, and head of performance management and results. 

Managing Director, Sustainable Investing and Innovation, OPTrust

Alison Loat is a member of CIGI’s Board of Directors and is the managing director, sustainable investing and innovation, at OPTrust, a Canadian public pension plan.

Former President, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

Maureen O’Neil is the former president of the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI). 

The Honourable Kevin Rudd AC joined CIGI’s Board of Directors in 2020. He served as Australia’s twenty-sixth prime minister (2007–2010, 2013) and as foreign minister (2010–2012).

Assistant Deputy Minister, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Paul Samson is a member of CIGI’s Board of Directors and is assistant deputy minister at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. He is the departmental champion for innovation and digital strategy.

Senior Management

Chief Financial Officer and Director of Operations

As CIGI’s chief financial officer and director of operations, Shelley Boettger provides corporate leadership and strategic guidance on all financial aspects of the organization. Shelley is responsible for the management of CIGI’s financial systems and investment portfolios, as well as for managing operations and providing financial advice to senior leadership.

Director of Human Resources

Laura Kacur is the director of Human Resources and is responsible for all aspects of people and culture at CIGI, including talent acquisition and development, employee engagement, total compensation and organizational effectiveness. Prior to joining CIGI, Laura held HR leadership positions in Canada and the United States, primarily in the high-tech sector.

Director of Communications and Digital Media

Spencer Tripp leads the development of CIGI’s digital media and communications strategy and presence. A journalist by training and bilingual in English and French, Spencer brings to the role a wealth of strategic, creative and operational leadership experience in intergovernmental, governmental and international non-profit organizations, including NAFTA’s Commission for Environmental Cooperation, Greenpeace Canada and Greenpeace International.