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CIGI experts are recognized authorities in global policy issues, with expertise linked to one or more of CIGI’s research programs: Global Economy, Global Security & Politics, and International Law. Through their research and analyses, CIGI experts aim to contribute to international governance policy innovations that improve the lives of people everywhere, by increasing prosperity and promoting a more secure world.

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Pamela Aall
CIGI Senior Fellow
Conflict Analysis, Conflict Management, Resolution and Reconciliation, Mediation and Negotiation , Education and Training, Women and Conflict Management
Bassem Awad
Deputy Director, International Intellectual Property Law and Innovation
Intellectual property law, Industrial property law, Intellectual property management, International business law
Céline Bak
CIGI Senior Fellow
Clean Technology, International Trade
Karima Bawa
CIGI Senior Fellow
Intellectual Property Law, Litigation, Commercial Law
Thomas A. Bernes
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
International Financial Institutions, G8, G20, International Trade
Carl Bildt
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
Internet governance, International relations and diplomacy, European Union
Andrea Bjorklund
CIGI Senior Fellow
International trade and investment law, International arbitration and litigation
James Blight
CIGI Chair in Foreign Policy Development
U.S. Foreign Policy, Cold War Crises and Conflicts, Conflict Prevention, The Method of Critical Oral History
Joël Blit
CIGI Senior Fellow
Economics of innovation, Entrepreneurship, Technology clusters, Intellectual property, International trade and multinational corporations
Paul Blustein
CIGI Senior Fellow
Business and Economics Journalism, International Economic Institutions, Global Financial Crises
Enrique Boone Barrera
CIGI Post-Doctoral Fellow
International trade and investment law, Constitutional law and property rights in Mexico
James M. Boughton
CIGI Senior Fellow
International Monetary Fund, International Monetary System, Finance and Development
Jorge Braga de Macedo
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
International institutions, Globalization and governance, International finance
Darrell Bricker
CIGI Senior Fellow
Public opinion polling, Quantitative research methods
Marc Bungenberg
CIGI Senior Fellow
European economic law, International investment law
Sarah Burch
CIGI Senior Fellow
Climate change, Sustainability, Urban planning, Entrepreneurship
Peter Burn
CIGI Senior Fellow
International trade law and policy, Environmental law and energy policy, International law and technology
Wil Burns
CIGI Senior Fellow
Climate geoengineering, International climate change litigation, Environmental treaty regimes
Barry Carin
CIGI Senior Fellow
G20 and Global Economy, Energy and Climate Change, Institution Building, International Development, Trade Processes and Decision Making
Kevin Carmichael
CIGI Senior Fellow
US political economy, Central bank governance, Global financial crisis
Ana Cristina Carvalho
CIGI Post-Doctoral Fellow
International environmental law, Intellectual property law
Dan Ciuriak
CIGI Senior Fellow
International Trade Agreements, Intellectual Property Rights
Bernard Colas
CIGI Senior Fellow
International trade law, Intellectual property , Business law, Accredited mediator
William D. Coleman
CIGI Chair in Globalization and Public Policy
Globalization Studies, Global Public Policy, Agriculture and Food Regulation
Charles-Emmanuel Cȏté
CIGI Senior Fellow
Law of international economic integration, International trade law, Canadian and comparative constitutional law
Roger Cox
CIGI Senior Fellow
Climate change, International environmental law
A. Neil Craik
CIGI Senior Fellow
International and comparative environmental law, Climate Change Governance, Canadian public law
Chester A. Crocker
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
International Security, Conflict Management, US Foreign Policy, International Diplomacy
Jonathan Crush
CIGI Chair in Global Migration and Development
International Migration and Diasporas, Urban Food Security, African Politics and Development
Simon Dalby
CIGI Chair in the Political Economy of Climate Change
Environmental Security, Geopolitics, Global Security, Political Economy
Armand de Mestral
CIGI Senior Fellow
Law of international economic integration, International trade law, International arbitation, Canadian and comparative constitutional law
Laura DeNardis
CIGI Senior Fellow
Internet Governance, Globalization and Technology, Technology Policy and Security
Leonard J. Edwards
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
East Asian International Relations and Security, Canadian Foreign Policy, Canadian Trade Policy, G20/G8 and Global Governance
Barry Eichengreen
CIGI Senior Fellow
International monetary system, Currency internationalization, International economic history
Dieter Ernst
CIGI Senior Fellow
International Trade Agreements, Intellectual Property Rights
David Estrin
CIGI Senior Research Fellow, International Law Research Program
Environmental and resources law, Climate change: environmental justice and human rights implications for corporations, communities and governments
Oonagh Fitzgerald
Director of the International Law Research Program
Social responsibility and corporate governance, International and domestic public law, National security law, Commercial law in public context
Paul Freston
CIGI Chair of Religion and Politics in Global Context
Religion and Global Politics, Religious Transnationalism in the Global South, Religion in Latin America
Patrícia Galvão Ferreira
CIGI Post-Doctoral Fellow
International environmental and economic law, Law and development, Human rights, Corporate accountability, Empirical legal studies
David A. Gantz
CIGI Senior Fellow
International economic and trade law, International arbitration law
Markus Gehring
Deputy Director, International Economic Law
International Economic Law, Sustainable Development, International Trade, Investment and Finance Law and Policy, European Environmental Law, European External Relations Law and Policy, International Investment Arbitration
Richard Gitlin
CIGI Senior Fellow
Sovereign Debt Crisis, Sovereign Debt Restructuring, Modernization of National Insolvency Laws
Patricia Goff
CIGI Senior Fellow
International political economy, International trade, Cultural capacity of international organizations
Bill Graham
CIGI Senior Fellow
Internet governance and critical internet resources, International telecommunication policy, Civil society and Internet policy
Robert Greenhill
CIGI Senior Fellow
Multi-stakeholder engagement models, Canadian international relations, International development, Business and society
Martin Guzman
CIGI Senior Fellow
Macroeconomics, Monetary economics, Economic development
James A. Haley
CIGI Senior Fellow
International finance, International trade, macroeconomics
Shotaro Hamamoto
CIGI Senior Fellow
Investment law and arbitration, International economic law, International dispute settlement, Law of the sea, Sports law
Fen Osler Hampson
CIGI Distinguished Fellow and Director of the Global Security & Politics Program
International and Regional Security, Canadian Foreign Policy, Middle East, United Nations
Melissa Hathaway
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
Cyber crime, espionage and security , Internet policy and infrastructure
Alex He
CIGI Research Fellow, Global Economy
China and Global Economic Governance, China-U.S. relations, China's Domestic Politics
Paul Heinbecker
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
Canadian Foreign Policy, International Relations and Diplomacy, Turkey and the Middle East, International and Human Security, Arms Control
John Higginbotham
CIGI Senior Fellow
Maritime, Air, Road and Rail Systems and Governance, Arctic Governance
Keith W. Hipel
CIGI Senior Fellow
Conflict Resolution, Multiple-Objective Decision Making, Sustainable Development, Fair Resources Allocation
Kathryn Hochstetler
CIGI Chair of Governance in the Americas
South American Politics, Environmental Politics of Developing Regions, Civil Society and Social Movements, MERCOSUR
Thomas Homer-Dixon
CIGI Chair of Global Systems
Complex Threats to Global Security, Causes of Violent Conflict, Climate Change, Science and Public Policy, Sources of Societal Innovation, Modelling of Ideological Change
Sue Horton
CIGI Chair in Global Health Economics
Economics of Public Health, Economics of Nutrition, Development Economics
Olena Ivus
CIGI Senior Fellow
International Trade Agreements, Intellectual Property Rights
Bianca Jagger
CIGI Senior Fellow
Human rights issues, Environmental protection, Climate change and justice, Rights of indigenous people , The Bonn Challenge
Harold James
CIGI Senior Fellow
International Monetary Cooperation, European Economic and Financial History, Globalization
Eric Jardine
CIGI Research Fellow, Global Security & Politics
International Relations, Internet Governance, Political Violence, Terrorism and Insurgency
Paul Jenkins
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
International Policy Coordination, International Financial Institutions, Financial Stability
Mark Jewett
CIGI Senior Fellow
International finance law, Taxation and insolvency
Hailong Jin
Research Consultant, Global Economy
International Economics and Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Mathematical Finance
Cally Jordan
CIGI Senior Fellow
Banking and Financial Regulation, Comparative Law, Corporate Law and Governance, Globalization and Law, Private International Law, Law Reform in Developing Countries
Younsik Kim
CIGI Senior Fellow
Public law (constitutional law), International investment law, Legal theory
Malcolm D. Knight
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
International financial regulation, Central banking, Macroeconomics
R. Andreas Kraemer
Senior Fellow
natural resource, climate and energy policy, global governance
Patrick Leblond
CIGI Senior Fellow
International trade, International finance, CETA and TTIP
Céline Lévesque
CIGI Senior Fellow
International Investment Law, International Economic Law, International Dispute Settlement , Public International Law
Domenico Lombardi
Director of the Global Economy Program
International Financial Institutions, G8 and G20, Reform of the Interational Monetary System
Silvia Maciunas
CIGI Senior Research Fellow
Climate Change, International Law, Environmental Law, Public International Law, Trade and Environment
Rianne Mahon
CIGI Chair in Comparative Family and Social Policy
Global Social Politics, Political Economy of Care, Industrial and Labour Market Restructuring
Gregory Makoff
CIGI Senior Fellow
Global Debt Markets, Sovereign Debt Management, Sovereign Debt Restructuring, Corporate Debt Restructuring
Marie-Claude Martin
CIGI Senior Fellow
Public policy, human development, poverty and equity, Global health, health financing, Development economics
Julie Maupin
CIGI Senior Fellow
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Law and Policy, Public International Law, International Trade Law, International Investment Law
Rohinton P. Medhora
International Development, Monetary Policy, International Trade
Bessma Momani
CIGI Senior Fellow
Middle Eastern Economics, Middle Eastern Foreign Policy, International Financial Institutions, International Monetary Fund
Jean-Frédéric Morin
CIGI Senior Fellow
Intellectual Property Law, Global Environmental Politics, International Trade Law, International Investment Law
Manuela Moschella
CIGI Senior Fellow
International financial regulation and governance, International financial institutions, Monetary policy
David Mussington
Senior Fellow
Cybersecurity, Cyberdefense, Cybercrime, Threat Reduction
Csongor István Nagy
CIGI Senior Fellow
International business and economic law, Competition law, Private international law
Luke Nottage
CIGI Senior Fellow
International commercial arbitration, International business and investment law
John Odell
CIGI Senior Fellow
Negotiation and conflict resolution, International economic institutions , US trade policy
Damilola S. Olawuyi
Deputy Director, International Environmental Law
International Environmental Law, International Petroleum Law, Climate Change , Corporate Risk Mitigation and Governance, Clean Technology, Business and Human Rights
Ucheora Onwuamaegbu
CIGI Senior Fellow
Investment law and arbitration, International economic law
James Orbinski
CIGI Chair in Global Health
Global Health Policy, Medical Humanitarianism in War and Social Crisis
Maria Panezi
CIGI Post-Doctoral Fellow
Public international law, International financial institutions, World Trade Organization law
Hugo Perezcano Díaz
CIGI Senior Fellow
Economic law, International trade law and negotiations, International investment law, NAFTA
August Reinisch
CIGI Senior Fellow
Investment law and arbitration, International economic law
Jeff Rubin
CIGI Senior Fellow
Energy and its impact on the global economy, Climate change and its impact on the Canadian economy
David Runnalls
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Environmental Policy, International Trade
Cyrus Rustomjee
CIGI Senior Fellow
Blue Economy, Small States Issues
Susan Schadler
CIGI Senior Fellow
Sovereign Debt Crisis, Global Financial Institutions, Global Capital Flows, European Emerging Market Economies
David Schneiderman
CIGI Senior Fellow
International economic law, Canadian constitutional law
Steven L. Schwarcz
CIGI Senior Fellow
International finance and regulation, capital markets and systemic risk, Commercial law, Insolvency and bankruptcy law, Sovereign debt crisis
Risa Schwartz
CIGI Senior Research Fellow, International Law Research Program
International and intergovernmental negotiations , Development and implementation of policy into law
Sara Seck
CIGI Senior Fellow
Corporate Social Responsibility, Business and Human Rights , International environmental, human rights and sustainable development law, Transnational Legal Theory, Third World Approaches
Aaron Shull
Chief of Staff and General Counsel
International Law, Internet Governance, Cyber Security and Espionage
Pierre Siklos
CIGI Senior Fellow
Central Banks, International Financial Governance, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy
Margaret Skok
CIGI Senior Fellow
Canadian foreign policy, International relations, business development, trade policy and security, Former Soviet Union, with focus on Central Asia and Russia
Gordon Smith
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
Global Summitry, International Diplomacy, Defence Policy and Conflict Resolution, Political Change in the Middle East and North Africa, Internet Governance
Ezra Suruma
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
International financial institutions, Central banking, Financial inclusion
Myra J. Tawfik
CIGI Senior Fellow
International and Canadian Copyright Law, International and Canadian Intellectual Property Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Legal Education
Jason Thistlethwaite
CIGI Fellow
Climate change risk, Climate change adaptation
Andrew S. Thompson
CIGI Senior Fellow
International human rights, Civil society movements, Fragile States and international security
Andrew Torrance
Intellectual Property Law, Collaborative Innovation , Patent Law, Biotechnology Law, Biodiversity Law
Diana Tussie
CIGI Senior Fellow
Latin American economics and politics, International trade, International institutions
Basil Ugochukwu
CIGI Post-Doctoral Fellow
International environmental law, Law and development and human rights, Corporate social responsibility accountability
Hongying Wang
CIGI Senior Fellow
International political economy, East Asian politics, Globalization
Olaf Weber
CIGI Senior Fellow
Environmental and sustainable finance, Sustainable financial and credit risk management, Socially responsible investment and social banking
Beatrice Weder di Mauro
CIGI Senior Fellow
Financial Crises, International Capital Flows, Sovereign Debt Restructuring
David A. Welch
CIGI Senior Fellow and Chair of Global Security
International Security, International Relations Theory, Foreign Policy Decision Making, Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy, Japanese Foreign and Defence Policy
John Whalley
CIGI Distinguished Fellow
China, G20, Globalization, World Trade Organization, Climate Change
Alan Whiteside
CIGI Chair in Global Health
HIV/AIDS, Health Economics, Development Economics
Miranda Xafa
CIGI Senior Fellow
International Monetary Fund, Euro zone economics and finance, Sovereign debt crises
Yu Yongding
CIGI Senior Fellow
China’s Economy, Macroeconomics, International Finance
Christopher S. Yoo
CIGI Senior Fellow
Law and Technology, Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law, Legal processes and lawmaking institutions
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