Brand is an exquisite bridge between program strategy and external communications,” says brand consultant Will Novy-Hildesley. In other words, brand isn’t limited to defining the values, vision and mission of the organization — already well articulated — but how you communicate the relevancy and distinctiveness of your work to audiences.
A powerful brand should speak to core competencies, identify with stakeholder expectations and be consistently expressed across the messages and visuals of the organization. This coherence helps build awareness of CIGI’s leadership profile as an innovative global think tank.

In August 2016, CIGI embarked on a rebranding process with German design firm Edenspiekermann. The product of that collaboration is a Style Guide that outlines the organization’s new visual identity.
Please refer to the Style Guide below for their consistent application.

For any CIGI brand questions, please contact: 
Som Tsoi, Digital Media Manager
+1.519.885.2444 EXT. 7296
[email protected]