Traditional Knowledge Belongs in Progressive Trade Policy

Speakers: Marsha Cadogan Oluwatobiloba (Tobi) Moody Mary Ambrose

Series: The CIGI Podcast

August 23, 2017

Traditional Knowledge Belongs in Progressive Trade Policy

Former CBC and BBC Radio Host Mary Ambrose sits down with Marsha Cadogan and Oluwatobiloba (Tobi) Mody, both post-doctoral fellows with the Centre for International Governance Innovation, for a conversation about how the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement offers a chance to protect traditional knowledge and create a discussion about the multi-billion dollar business of trading in protected agricultural produce and foodstuffs.

While the renegotiation of the trade pact between Canada, the United States and Mexico at the insistence of US President Donald Trump has caused a lot of hand wringing, with Ottawa's commitment to advance a "progressive trade" agenda in the talks, Marsha and Tobi see this as an opportunity to shift the scales and seriously explore issues that have been ignored for too long as Ottawa commits to advancing a progressive trade

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