The G20 and Building Global Governance for “Climate Refugees”

CIGI Policy Brief No. 107

May 17, 2017

The global governance of displaced and trapped populations, forced migration and refugees is not prepared for the numbers likely to manifest under climate change. The Group of Twenty has a responsibility to prepare, push for reform and initiate annual reviews to enhance humanitarian responses to aid climate mobility. International policy and law build on the false assumption that displaced people and refugees can return to their place of origin when conditions improve, conflicts subside or homes are rebuilt. This cannot hold for many of those affected by climate change. Governance reform is needed to strengthen rights and obligations of peoples and governments in countries of origin, transit and destination, recognizing the special circumstances and needs of “climate refugees” or migrants.

About the Author

R. Andreas Kraemer is a CIGI senior fellow specializing in global governance and environmental policy, as well as climate and energy transformation in the context of the digital revolution.