A Sustainable Ocean Economy, Innovation and Growth: A G20 Initiative

CIGI Policy Brief No. 113

July 26, 2017

The Group of Twenty should initiate a global ocean governance process and call for dialogues, strategies and regional cooperation to ensure that investment and growth in ocean use become sustainable and reach their full potential. The ocean is the largest and most critical ecosystem on Earth, and potentially the largest provider of food, materials, energy and ecosystem services. However, past and current uses of the ocean continue to be unsustainable, with increasing demand contributing to the ocean’s decline. Better governance, appreciation of the economic value of the ocean and “blue economy” strategies can reduce conflicts among uses, ensure financial sustainability, ecosystem integrity and prosperity, and promote long-term national growth and employment in maritime industries.

About the Author

R. Andreas Kraemer is a CIGI senior fellow specializing in global governance and environmental policy, as well as climate and energy transformation in the context of the digital revolution.