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Can the International Financial System be Saved? | Inside the Issues 5.15

February 19, 2015
This week James M. Boughton, CIGI Senior Fellow and former historian of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), sits down with co-host Andrew Thompson for a discussion on the international financial system.

G20 Summitry | Inside the Issues 5.14

February 12, 2015
"We don't need new commitments [from the G20], we need to implement what has already been committed." In this episode, CIGI Distinguished Fellow Thomas A. Bernes joins Senior Fellow and co-host Andrew Thompson for a discussion on G20 summitry.

IMF and Global Financial Crisis | Inside the Issues 5.13

February 10, 2015
Ruben Lamdany and Andrew S. Thompson
Is the International Monetary Fund (IMF) equipped to predict and mitigate the next financial crisis? Ruben Lamdany, Deputy Director of the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) at the IMF visits the Inside the Issues studio to discuss the 2014 IEO report, "IMF Response to the Financial and Economic Crisis." In addition to reviewing recent reforms at the IMF, the conversation touches on opportunities and challenges for the fund in the coming years.

Managing Conflict in a World Adrift | Inside the Issues 5.12

February 5, 2015
This week, CIGI Senior Fellow and Senior Advisor for Conflict Prevention and Management at the United States Institute of Peace Pamela Aall joins co-host and CIGI Chair of Global Security David Welch for a discussion on the comprehensive new book "Managing Conflict in a World Adrift."

Stopping Ebola: The Global Response

February 4, 2015
Stephen Cornish
On February 4, 2015, Stephen Cornish, Executive Director, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Canada spoke at the CIGI Global Policy Forum in Ottawa, Ontario on "Stopping Ebola: The Global Response."

Discovering the Erebus: Mysteries of the Franklin Voyage Revealed

February 3, 2015
Marc-André Bernier, Adrian Schimnowski, and Rohinton Medhora
Seeking the unknown, braving the hardness of the North — the ill-fated Franklin Expedition has become an enigmatic part of Canadian national identity. Many have sought to unravel the mystery of what really happened to Sir John Franklin and his crew. Now, 169 years after they set forth, an exciting discovery — the ship Erebus has been found.

Corruption and International Sport | Inside the Issues 5.11

January 28, 2015
Declan Hill and Andrew S. Thompson
On the heels of his recent lecture at CIGI, investigative journalist and academic Declan Hill joins co-host and CIGI Senior Fellow Andrew Thompson for a conversation on corruption and match-fixing in international sport. Which sports are most vulnerable to match-fixing? What could ongoing and expanding corruption mean for the future of international sport? Tune in for the full conversation.

Managing Conflict in a World Adrift

January 27, 2015
CIGI Senior Fellow and Senior Advisor for Conflict Prevention and Management at the United States Institute of Peace, Pamela Aall, explores the effects of shifts in political power distribution on the landscape of global conflict, and how peacemaking and conflict resolution have and should continue to evolve as a consequence.

Sports in Danger: How a Tide of Corruption and Match-Fixing Threatens Sports

January 22, 2015
Thomas Homer-Dixon and Declan Hill
Declan Hill, investigative journalist, academic and documentary film maker, explores the scope of match-fixing and corruption in international and domestic sporting events and the role of organized crime therein.

Think Tanks: What Are They Good For?

January 21, 2015
In this video from the United Nations University video, Dr. Rohinton P. Medhora joins UNU Center for Policy Research Senior Policy Advisor John de Boer for a conversation examining the diverse roles, objectives and strategies of think tanks.

Public Diplomacy | Inside the Issues 5.10

January 7, 2015
Andrew S. Thompson and Hilary Fuller Renner
What role does cultural diplomacy play in foreign relations? How is the nature of public diplomacy changing alongside shifts in technology and media? This week, CIGI Senior Fellow Andrew Thompson welcomes Public Affairs Officer at the US Consulate, Toronto Hilary Fuller Renner to address these questions and discuss a variety of public diplomacy programs.

The Future of Internet Governance

December 16, 2014
Carl Bildt, Melissa Hathaway, Latha Reddy, Moez Chakchouk, Evan Solomon,
Canada 2020, in partnership with CIGI and the Government of Canada, hosted the Global Commission on Internet Governance for an official dinner, award ceremony and panel discussion about the future of the internet.
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