A New Podcast

Ten years ago, technology and its relationship to privacy, security and governance was a fringe topic. But recent events — such as the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities, or foreign interference in the 2016 US presidential election — have shed light on the role that large technology companies play in shaping our societies, economies and democracies.

That role should not be understated. Every day, technology finds its way into a new sector: cryptocurrencies are changing the course of monetary policy, algorithmic bias is marginalizing vulnerable populations’ access to healthcare and internet infrastructure is reorganizing developing nations’ economies. But too often, these events are viewed in isolation. Drawing connections between them requires a broader approach.

On the new podcast, Big Tech, Taylor Owen and David Skok will host those crucial conversations. Taylor comes to the show as an academic studying technology’s transformative impact on democracy. David is a journalist who has spent his career in the thick of an ever-changing media landscape.