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Ben ScottOn the Internet’s Evolving Role in Politics

The internet is a powerful tool to reach, engage and influence voters and has proven to be a key to victory — for good and bad. This episode looks at how the internet’s role in political campaigning has evolved into the essential tool that it is today.


S1 / E7

Joanna J. BrysonOn Regulating the Software behind Artificial Intelligence

There’s a false narrative surrounding artificial intelligence: that it cannot be defined and therefore cannot be regulated. Regulators must remember that AI still begins with code that is written by humans.

S1 / E6

Anand GiridharadasOn How Taxes — Not Philanthropy — Will Change the World

Tech billionaires are using their immense wealth to shape the future by lobbying in Washington — but also by using their fortunes for philanthropy. In this episode, we look at the important role that taxation plays in limiting the spread of plutocracy.

S1 / E5

James Der DerianOn How Quantum Tech Will Change Our Lives

Quantum computing could simulate solutions to the world’s problems, from climate change to complicated medical issues.

S1 / E4

Katherine MaherOn Tools for Combating Disinformation

The Wikimedia chief executive discusses how her organization fits into the larger media landscape, and the role that platforms should take in moderating hate speech.

S1 / E3

David CarrollOn the Dark Side of Digital Advertising

Online advertising platforms are often presented as a superior tool for reaching new audiences. But David Carroll argues that those platforms aren’t as beneficial as large tech companies let on.

S1 / E2

Kate KlonickOn Facebook’s Oversight Board

Kate Klonick was the lone researcher invited in to observe Facebook’s process for creating a content moderation oversight board.

S1 / E1

Rana ForooharOn How Tech Lost Its Way

Large tech companies are in a position to impact many facets of society. Their actions, if left unchecked, could be disastrous to the global economy.

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S1 / E9

Mark ScottOn Europe’s New Data Strategy

Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg went to Europe, white paper in hand, outlining how his industry should be regulated. Europe flatly rejected it and announced a new European Data Strategy.