Models for Platform Governance

A CIGI essay series

Google, Facebook and Amazon serve billions of users around the globe and increasingly perform core functions in society. The private gains are obvious — these are among the most profitable companies in history. But they come with a cost: platforms threaten our social fabric, our economy and our democracy. To begin to address this, CIGI has convened leading thinkers to explore new models for platform governance. Read the series below, download the PDF or watch the video


Robert Fay
Director, Global Economy

Lynn Schellenberg
Publications Editor

Gabriel Tan-Chen, Mike Sage, John Xu
Software Developers

Taylor Owen
Senior Fellow

Sami Chouhdary, Brooklynn Schwartz
Graphic Designers

Niyosha Freydooni
Social Media Engagement Specialist

Carol Bonnett

Abhilasha Dewan

Jacob Macpherson
Communications Coordinator

Allison Leonard
Managing Editor

Stephen D'Alimonte
Multimedia Producer

Illustrations by Simón Prades