The Social Protection Floor (SPF) is a global initiative that provides security to vulnerable groups in all countries — including migrant workers, undocumented migrant workers, non-citizens and refugees. This brief, the final installment of the CIGI Junior Fellows 2013 policy brief series, provides an innovative method to measure the gaps in social protection in countries. The authors — Marie-Hélène Ratel, Gabriel Williams and Keegan Williams — discover that the gaps in social protection exist even in countries with higher income, such as Sweden. They conclude that the SPF Advisory Group must collaborate better with countries that have transit and which receive migrants, middle- and high-income countries, and regional organizations to reduce these gaps between citizens and non-citizens.

The CIGI Junior Fellows program at the Balsillie School of International Affairs provides masters level students with mentorship opportunities from senior scholars and policy makers. Working under the direction of a project leader, each junior fellow conducts research in one of CIGI’s program areas. This series presents those policy briefs that met CIGI’s publications standards.
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