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Co-organized by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) the Marine & Environmental Law Institute (MELAW) at Dalhousie University, and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) this workshop includes experts from CIGI’s International Law Research Program and from governmental, academic, and private sectors to discuss developments in governance of GHG emissions in the maritime sector since the last workshop held in March 2017 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The International Maritime Organization has been actively leading and facilitating the discourse on how the international shipping industry can share the of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the sector since 2003. A roadmap for 2017-2023 to develop a comprehensive strategy has been guiding the Organization’s Marine Environment Protection Committee efforts in developing the initial strategy for GHG emission reductions in the sector to be adopted in 2018. Progress continues in the IMO under the MEPC’s Intersessional Working Group on Reduction of Greenhouse Gases (ISWG-GHG) from Ships which held a second session on 23-27 October 2017. A third session of the ISWG-GHG is scheduled for 3-6 April 2018. The outcomes of that session along with other relevant documents will be forwarded for consideration towards an IMO GHG Strategy by the MEPC 72, 9-13 April, 2018.

The goal of the workshop is to provide an expert review of a draft report produced as a result of the 2017 workshop held in Halifax, NS, Canada. A draft version of the report will be circulated to workshop participants prior to the workshop. The finalized CIGI Special Report is intended to inform international and national policy processes and the international research community in navigating the complex issues of GHG regulation in shipping. Please note that the meeting will take place under the CIGI Rule that states:

  • participants are free to use the information received, but participant's individual or institutional views about that information shall be revealed; this Rule shall not prevent the consensus of the participants, as a group, or the identity and affiliation of group members from being revealed; and
  • participants are not obliged to speak and there will be no attribution of any comments in any future reports.   


Event Speakers

Aldo Chircop

Aldo Chircop

CIGI Senior Fellow

Aldo Chircop is a CIGI senior fellow and professor of law and Canada Research Chair in Maritime Law and Policy at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University. 

Photo of Markus Gehring

Markus Gehring

CIGI Senior Fellow

Markus Gehring is a CIGI senior fellow focusing on international economic law, trade and climate change, as well as trade, investment and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He is also the Arthur Watts Senior Research Fellow in Public International Law with the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and a fellow of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge.

meinhard doelle

Meinhard Doelle

CIGI Senior Fellow

Meinhard Doelle is a CIGI senior fellow. At CIGI, he will be researching the impact of international shipping on climate change. His research will include a series of workshops and reports on this topic. Meinhard is a professor of law and associate dean of research at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law, where he specializes in environmental and energy law, the environmental assessment process and climate change.

Photo of Oonagh Fitzgerald

Oonagh Fitzgerald

Director, International Law

As director of international law at CIGI, Oonagh Fitzgerald established and oversees CIGI’s international law research agenda, which includes policy-relevant research on issues of international economic law, environmental law, intellectual property law and innovation, and Indigenous law.

Photo of Silvia Maciunas

Silvia Maciunas

Former Deputy Director, Environmental Law, International Law Research Program

Silvia Maciunas was the deputy director of International Environmental Law at CIGI.

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