Transportation trucks
Transportation trucks

The Centre for International Governance Innovation is pleased to present high-level public discussion on the topic of trade and climate change.

It has been two years since the successful conclusion of COP21 with the signature of the Paris Agreement. All World Trade Organization members have signed and most have ratified the Agreement. The links between climate measures and trade rules continue to be debated with little agreement as to whether the relationship between the two is largely mutually supportive or whether in fact trade rules pose barriers to climate measures.

Please join us for a panel discussion featuring the following prominent experts in the field of trade and climate change as they further illuminate this important topic. A reception will follow.

Event Speakers

James Bacchus

James Bacchus

CIGI Senior Fellow

James Bacchus is a CIGI senior fellow, as well as the Distinguished University Professor of Global Affairs and director of the Center for Global Economic and Environmental Opportunity at the University of Central Florida. 

Photo of Oonagh Fitzgerald

Oonagh Fitzgerald

Director, International Law

As director of international law at CIGI, Oonagh Fitzgerald established and oversees CIGI’s international law research agenda, which includes policy-relevant research on issues of international economic law, environmental law, intellectual property law and innovation, and Indigenous law.

Steve Charnovitz

Steve has been a professor at The George Washington University Law School since 2004 and received a BA and JD from Yale University, as well as an MPP from Harvard University.

Thomas Cottier

Thomas Cottier is a member of the advisory committee of the International Law Research Program at CIGI; professor emeritus of European and international economic law at the University of Bern; senior research fellow at the World Trade Institute; and adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. 

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