The CIGI International Law Research Program held its first multi-stakeholder environmental law consultation workshop in Toronto on February 18, 2015. This report summarizes observations from the workshop, and recommended areas for future international law research.

The day-long consultation workshop comprised the following sessions: International, Transnational and Private Law Frameworks Relevant to Climate Change; Contribution of Subnational Entities; Role of Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples; Role of Business and Industry; Green Transition, Innovation and Resilience; and Courts, Remedies and Adjudication.


  • Oonagh Fitzgerald

    Oonagh Fitzgerald is director of CIGI’s International Law Research Program, overseeing the research direction of the program and related activities. She has extensive experience as a senior executive of various departments of the federal government, including with the Department of Justice and Department of National Defence.

  • Patrícia Galvão Ferreira

    Patrícia Galvão Ferreira is a post-doctoral fellow with CIGI’s International Law Research Program. While at CIGI, she will research the evolution of transnational regulatory initiatives to address climate change and examine how Canada can contribute to promote compliance among emerging economies with large emissions.

  • Kent Howe