The International Law Research Program (ILRP) of the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) responds to select questions from Ontario's Climate Change Discussion Paper 2015, as part of a province-wide public consultation process by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  The CIGI ILRP is optimistic that through this provincial consultation process and implementation of the best ideas it generates, as well as through Ontario’s initiatives undertaken in collaboration with other provinces and foreign subnationals, Canadians will be able to prove to the world our commitment to make a meaningful contribution to achieving an ambitious, verifiable and enforceable international agreement on climate change in December 2015 in Paris. By proactively addressing climate change now, the Government of Ontario positions this province, its citizens, universities and businesses to be innovators for sustainable prosperity rather than victims of global environmental and economic crisis.

  • Bassem Awad is a senior fellow and was previously the deputy director of International Intellectual Property Law and Innovation at CIGI.

  • CIGI Senior Fellow Karima Bawa is currently leading a project on optimizing university-developed intellectual property in Canada. Prior to her role at CIGI, she was the chief legal officer and general counsel for Research In Motion (BlackBerry).

  • Myra J. Tawfik is a senior fellow at CIGI, where she leads a project that explores strategies for capacity building in IP literacy, IP strategy and cost-effective IP legal services for start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

  • Basil Ugochukwu is a CIGI fellow who contributes to research projects on corporate governance, international law and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.