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Recent Publications

Policy Briefs

Policy briefs develop information and analysis, followed by recommendations, on policy-oriented topics. They are found useful by policy makers, policy specialists, the media and interested scholars.

Special Reports

Special Reports include multi-author studies arising from CIGI projects and research conducted in collaboration with think tank partners.

Global Commission on Internet Governance
June 21, 2016

CIGI Commentaries

CIGI Commentaries consist of expert analysis of current international governance topics, written in the style of newspaper op-eds, aimed at advancing public understanding and influencing public debate.

Conference Reports

Conference Reports summarize and synthesize the main ideas, conclusions and recommendations from significant CIGI conferences or meetings.

CIGI Papers

CIGI Papers present well-considered policy positions and/or research findings, insights or data relevant to policy debates and decision making. This category includes papers linked to particular projects or topic areas.


Op-eds showcase the expertise of CIGI researchers on a range of relevant global governance issues. Published in leading newspapers and websites, these pieces reveal how our experts interpret current trends in world affairs.



Published exclusively on CIGIonline, Interviews with CIGI experts address time-sensitive topics in international governance. Conducted by CIGI’s public affairs department, Interviews gauge our experts’ reaction to breaking news and world events.


CIGI books result from CIGI-sponsored projects or the work of CIGI fellows and scholars. Some are available electronically in pdfs or as eBooks.

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